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RACE AND ETHNICITY Population transfer —when a dominant group makes conditions so bad for “inferior” groups that these groups leave—serves the same purpose of ethnic cleansing—the departures seems to be a “choice” and voluntary— direct transfer is the expulsion of certain groups— segregation is the separation of certain groups who remain within the geographic boundaries— apartheid is a modern example Assimilation —the absorption of a minority culture into the dominant culture—a process— forced assimilation , the dominant group refuses to allow a minority to practice its own culture (language, religion, folkways)— permissible assimilation allows the mingling to take place by evolution Multiculturalism —also called pluralism —minority groups are able to keep their own identities—freely participate in the country’s institutions-- Theodor W Adorno (1950), who fled from the Nazis, theorized that highly prejudiced individuals tend to have authoritarian personalities, characterized by excessive
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