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Post - SEX AND GENDER Post-industrial societies-technology...

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SEX AND GENDER Post-industrial societies —technology and service ha replaced industrialization and manufacturing—a combination of a reduction in the limits of men’s and women’s work, with a renewed gender stereotyping—also a change in family structure with a growth of single-parent (usually mother) households with children—23% of all children in the US live with only their mother (48% in the black community)—more than 670% of women are in the work force, intensifying “the second shift,” especially for single parents-- SOCIALIZATION AND GENDER— how parents affect gender: selection of toys, responses to infants of different sexes, help with household tasks—chores may be linked to future occupations—behavior is also learned, like binge eating or spousal abuse— Peers and gender socialization —when children conform to norms—activities, clothes, language, behavior—importance of attractiveness to the opposite sex— Schools and gender socialization —the influence of teachers, especially at a young age,
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