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SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH METHODS RESEARCH CONTROVERSIES Ethical issues in field surveys— Laud Humphreys (1970)–studied homosexual conduct—meetings in “tearooms” between strangers—offered to be the lookout at public restrooms and recorded the encounters— later interviewed the participants who led “normal” lives Oscar Lewis The Zellner Research (1978)—sociologist William Zellner researched “autocides” but didn’t tell the survivors—concluded that 12% of all single-driver fatalities were autocides— Zellner, by the way, had another interesting controversy as an outspoken atheist living in Oklahoma— Hawthorne Effect —the change in behavior of subjects because they know they are being evaluated-based on Elton Mayo’s studies at the Western Electric plant The Scarce Research (1983)—involved Rik Scarce , which made confidentiality a criminal issue—he investigated animal right activities, which included breaking into laboratories Mario Brajuha —a grad student at SUNY/Stony Brook, he was working as a waiter to
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