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THE ECONOMY AND WORK Scientific Management— deskilling—even discusses Taylorism, and describes the differential piece-rate system and its impact on a quota system—created the divergent interests of management and workers Frederick Winslow Taylor ( Elton Mayo ( Mass Production— Fordism establishes technical control over the work process and removes all decision-making from the workers, even in fast food restaurants—computers intensified the process, “thinking” for the workers—also increases surveillance opportunities for bosses-- Service sector Marginal jobs—differ from employment norms Personal service workers Household workers—domestics, gardeners, nannies, chauffeurs, cleaning services—work lacks structure and is very marginal, often part of the underground economy Contingent work—part-time/temporary/subcontracted Global assembly line Underground economy—not mentioned by Kendall but a huge amount of money, everything
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Unformatted text preview: from drugs to marginal jobs—check new book on underground economy, covering lawn mowing to major drugs Unemployment Begin with Mills quote 1. cyclical unemployment—in temporary recessions, and expected to have work resume 2. seasonal unemployment—construction, tourism, agriculture, holidays or vacation periods 3. structural unemployment—skills demanded by bosses do not match skills of the workers, or workers do not live near, or have access to, employment sites—often happens when an industry, like coal, becomes either mechanized or obsolete or when a major plant closes or runs away a. 1979-1985—5 million workers displaced b. 1985-1989—4 million workers displaced c. current economy is dumping hundreds of thousands of jobs Unemployment rate—difficult to measure—also look at race/gender/ethnic implications Unemployment compensation Immigration—has huge impact on the labor markets...
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