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SEX - Health Care SEX-longer life expectancy for women in...

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Health Care SEX—longer life expectancy for women in the US—childbirth used to affect female mortality rates-- SOCIAL CLASS and RACE/ETHNICITY—research shows that social class has a dramatic impact on life expectancy—Kendall lists some areas based on a Stanford study: Safe areas for exercise Grocery stores with nutritious foods—working-class neighborhoods are characterized by fast food outlets, liquor stores and “other facilities that do not afford residents health options” (597) Access to transportation (private), jobs and education Is there a diet of “poverty culture?”—cheap foods, less desirable cuts of meat, for example, or fried remnants? Crime affects life expectancy in certain racial/ethnic neighborhoods Availability of medical care—Kendall notes that 20% of the populations in rural areas, they have only 9% of the country’s doctors (597) Suicide rates affect mortality tables—Kendall claims that suicide rates
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