Shows how people act and react

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Sociology: scientific or systematic study of human social behavior 1. Shows how people act and react 2. What characteristics of groups and societies are 3. How these social events affect people * Examining history of sociology; major perspectives, and its uses I. Sociological Imagination 1. Focus on how people are influenced by other people and by society. 2. * Social forces are always at play in our daily existence. These social forces arise from the society we are part of. 1. Sociological Imagination: ability to see the impact of social forces on our lives. [e.g. shapes our future, allows us to express freedom of choice away from social forces that affect us]. * e.g. ability to look into an and analyze over immediate past and make sense of it in reference to now. Secondly, we must attempt to establish an historical sense in combination with culturally anthropological insights. That is, to dispel any ethnocentric beliefs orders that we may hold.
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