Socialization is a process

Socialization is a process - (1962 isolated rhesus monkeys...

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SOCIALIZATION Socialization is a process—lifelong interaction through which individuals acquire a self- identity and the physical, mental and social skills need for survival in society—the link between an individual and society—part of human development—continues the debate over nature vs. nurture Also important for the survival of society as a whole—the functionalist perspective believes individuals have to accept the values, beliefs and behaviors—the specific content differs greatly from society to society Subcultures: race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion Learning by interaction Sociobiology—adds another, more difficult element to socialization—pioneered by Edward O. Wilson , genetic inheritance underlies many forms of social behavior—nature vs. nurture—even solitary actions are social—biological and emotional needs Isolation—a kind of laboratory experiment in socialization— Harry and Margaret Harlow
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Unformatted text preview: (1962) isolated rhesus monkeys from each other—mother substitutes—shows detrimental effects of isolation but it is impossible to duplicate laboratory conditions among humans—what’s the sound of one hand clapping? Isabelle (1932-1939)—raised by a deaf mother in an attic Anna (1932-1942)—child brought up in isolation Genie (1957- )—also brought up in isolation Feral children—“The Wild Boy of Aveyron” was found in 1798 (Comte was born this year) who was raised by animals—Tarzan is the myth— Institutionalized children — H.M. Skeels and H.B. Dye (1939) studied children brought up in orphanages—limited stimulation rather than biological limitations—a longitudinal study over 2 ½ years found that children who were “adopted” had large IQ growth while those who remained lost 30 points—pretty cruel experiment--Isolation is most severe form of child abuse (cf Sartre We are all alone)...
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