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THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE Sociology : (“socius”— being with others or friend, member, ally (Latin) + ”logos”- study of (Greek)) the systematic study of human society and human interaction—systematic because sociologists apply both scientific and rational experimentation and observations to know the “unknowable”—why do people in a particular situation behave as they do? Compare to Biology—nature vs. nurture Theology: in God We Trust?—define “religious” and “secular”—a whole very different view of how the universe began, and how it operates--what caused the tsunami? Teenagers having sex behind a church or oceanic shifts? Is everything God’s will? Does a divine power reward or punish us for certain behavior? o Religious vs. Secular o Eternal vs Historical o Faith vs. Reason Psychology (especially social psychology) Anthropology Archeology Astrology Scientology Criminology Ecology “Suicidology” Technology
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