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Unformatted text preview: THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE THE GREAT SOCIOLOGISTS One issue: what’s the point? Is sociology to simply understand society or to change it? Has become a contentious debate, involving heroes like Mills against complacent academics who implicitly support the status quo— The only constant of sociology is change AUGUSTE COMTE (1798-1857)—child of the French Revolution, which threw into question every social belief and value—the first real revolution of modern times--believed in socius (social, being with others) and logos (study of)—societies contain social statics (forces for order and stability) and social dynamics (forces for social change)—new science would not only discover new principles but would apply them to make the world a better place Created positivism: the world can best be understood through scientific inquiry — believed in objective, bias-free knowledge gained through scientific methods rather than through theology, although later sociologists (like feminists and Marxists) would claim that no social...
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