The New International Division of Labor

The New International Division of Labor - GLOBAL...

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GLOBAL STRATIFICATION The New International Division of Labor— global capitalism, with low-income countries accepting certain kinds of work, based on labor-intensity—the whole structure is changing almost daily due to the advances in technology--you can now place your McDonald’s drive- through order via India—great efficiency and worker exploitation—the global assembly line Workers in the US have for centuries (at least since 1900) been the beneficiaries of the global economy, selling “dear” and buying “cheap,” and now the situation is reversed and we are threatened by the global economy In addition to the global economy, sociologists now look at the global environment: the destruction of forests in Asia, for example, can affect the climate of Dundalk—acid rain can fall anywhere in the world Doesn’t mention global socialism—all of these patterns assume continued inequality—a conflict occurs when a country (like Venezuela, Iraq or Bolivia) wants to move up and is
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