There is even a message board on McDonaldization

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GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS There is even a message board on McDonaldization In fact, Wal-Mart may be replacing McDonald’s as the social model by 2006 Group size— Small group—small enough for each member to know all of the others and to interact simultaneously o Dyad— created by Georg Simmel (1902-1917) is a group of only two so the active participation of both is required or the group ceases to function as a group—marriage, close friendship, o Triad— adding a third person to the group totally changes the dynamics— even if one person does not participate, the group can function—coalitions are now possible, as is conflict which can be carried out without terminating the group—the birth of a child is a very common transition from dyad to triad-- o Larger groups -- have shared goals and decreasing solidarity but greater power due to numbers—people begin to specialize, as the numbers of relationship expands—[see chart on Kendall, p. 183]--virtually impossible for all members to participate in discussions—look at Simmel’s concepts
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