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Sociology: scientific or systematic study of human social behavior * Three (3) Types of Suicides * 1. Altruistic Suicide: the individual is required by rules or norms of the group to commit suicide [e.g. some Indian caste widows were expected to commit Suttee (good woman) throw themselves on a burning pyre, funeral pyre (husband)] [e.g. W.W.II Japanese - kamikaze mission] 2. Egoistic Suicide: opposite of Altruistic Suicide, individual fails to identify with institutions of his society and assumes individual blame or guilt for action. [e.g. Protestants and Catholics, explicit taboos against suicide.] P - great emphasis is placed on the self-reliance of the individual C - church mediates the relationship between the individual and God 3. Anomic Suicide: individual cannot share values common to his society and becomes alienated. [e.g. rapid change either in society as a who or in a individual's social structure would create anomie (normalessness) and increase the probability of suicide.]
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