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CULTURE VALUE CONTRADICTIONS —when basic values are in conflict with each other –issues like welfare for the poor or corporate welfare—free speech vs. racism Ideal culture—the culture as it is publicly pronounced Real culture—what’s on the ground—do we really obey all laws or are we hypocrites— the degree of control is the degree of hypocrisy, as in “buffet Catholics” who use birth control—describe the “garbage project” in Tucson, AZ (1993) or the pornography industry—sociologists really emphasize the discrepancies between real and ideal as field projects and people’s contradictory behaviors VALUE CLUSTERS— Henslin (p.48) talks about value clusters, which are inter-related—he uses an example of 1. leisure 2. self-fulfillment 3. physical fitness 4. youthfulness 5. concern for the environment Henslin mistakenly (betraying a class bias) claims that because of economic development,
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