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VALUES - • Do they create better lives for people 1...

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CULTURE VALUES —individual or collective ideas about what’s right and wrong—way to evaluate people’s behavior—very subjective and a problem with exclusivity: my values must be your values Shame —only humans feel it—an internal sense which can also be externally imposed, like Hester Prynne—shame, or lack of, is also a reflection of cultural conflicts—unmarried motherhood is an example of cultural change and conflict Guilt— another value which can be both internal and external, and which also reflects cultural conflicts—a tension between an individual and social group—one group’s pride is another group’s shame CORE AMERICAN VALUES Robin Williams (1956) –no, not that Robin Williams, a sociologist who tried to categorize “American values” (Great discussion--how do you define each topic—value vocabulary) Are they “universal” values? Are they socially positive values (whatever that means)
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Unformatted text preview: • Do they create better lives for people? 1. Individualism 2. Achievement and success 3. Activity and work—the work ethic-Type A personalities 4. Science and technology 5. Progress and material comfort—a right or a privilege? 6. Efficiency and practicality 7. Equality—parity or opportunity 8. Morality and humanitarianism 9. Freedom and liberty (is the US a free country?)-Issue of free speech—sometimes “free” is equated with “isolated,” of “solitary” like The Marlboro Man—contradiction to the idea that people are basically social beings when the highest desire is to be apart from people 10. Racism and social superiority 11. Democracy—very hard to define—today takes a narrow definition—am I free when someone else can close my workplace and move it to India? Henslin adds three more qualities to Williams’ list 12. Education 13. Religiosity— 14. Romantic Love...
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