What is a - located in society(physical places “prestige” places etc Importance of a global sociological imagination—we are inextricably tied

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THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE What is a “secular science” and why is it a source of optimism? Man Makes Himself , as V. Gordon Childe described it Society —a huge social grouping that share the same territory and the same political authority and the same cultural aspirations—balanced by global interdependence/imperialism Myth —popular but false notion—“common sense” or “everybody knows” vs science— Jan Harold Brunvand and the urban legends--http://www.janbrunvand.com/faq.html Sociological imagination —the ability to see the relationship between the individual experiences and the larger society—(C. Wright Mills—1959)—merges individual/collective and empirical/theoretical—personal troubles and public issues—“The sociological imagination enables us to grasp the connection between history and biography.”—biography is an individual’s specific experiences; history is a broad stream of events Sociological location— the places in life that people occupy because of where they are
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Unformatted text preview: located in society (physical places, “prestige” places, etc) Importance of a global sociological imagination—we are inextricably tied to the world, as we learned as recently as 9/11—can no longer retreat behind our oceans Defines • Race —(vs. color) people treated socially—people distinguished by skin color/physical characteristics • Gender —(vs. sex) how people are treated socially as a result of their biological construction • Sexual Preference —an expansion of gender since it creates identities and stereotypes, and is certainly a contentious issue today • Ethnicity (vs. birthplace)—cultural heritage, identity or ideology • Class —economic status in relation to means of production—multiple, and controversial, definitions—social stratification—status and prestige • Age —numerical years vs. cultural assumptions • Religion —a controversial topic and some question whether it really belongs on this main list...
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