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Why has there been no revolution

Why has there been no revolution - SOCIAL CLASS IN THE...

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SOCIAL CLASS IN THE UNITED STATES Why has there been no revolution? Ralf Dahrendorf (1959) claims it is due to the separation between ownership and control—does the focus on consumerism leave no time for revolution?—also claims the rising standard of living mutes the protests, but looks only at the US, with no sense of global imperialism Max Weber —saw the change in the early 20 th century from individual to corporate ownership—still believed in life chances, or social mobility, and denied that “class” is a reality—claims it is an ideal type for comparing various societies—looks at the interplay between wealth, prestige and power —a multidimensional approach to social stratification Weber’s class structure, based upon status groups, using three components, which made empirical observation of US society possible: class and income 1. entrepreneurs —wealthy bankers, owners and merchants with substantial financial resources 2. rentiers
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