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THE ECONOMY AND WORK WORKER RESISTENCE Unions Absenteeism, sabotage and resistance—scholars (p.427) have studied resistance among service workers—resistance studies are essential part of studies about the culture of work—proactive vs. reactive/active vs. passive—victims vs. heroes WORKERS WITH DISABILITIES An estimated 48 million people in the US have one or more physical disabilities that affect their opportunities for employment—the number is increasing due to medical technology longer life expectancy persons born with serious disabilities are more likely to survive, although less than 15% of disabled people were born with it—the rest is due to accidents, disease and war 1990—US was first country to pass Americans With Disabilities Act , which was extended from job design to architecture and technology—despite this law, about 2/3 of all disabled Americans are unemployed (1993 statistic)—wage discrimination accompanies physical disabilities—
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