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FORENSICS: Adipocere : soapy texture that happens to fat when exposed to moisture (grave wax). Taphonomic damage: damage that animals make on remains. Fire does no destroy everything, burning time depends on numerous factors-wicking affect : once the fire hits the body fat, the fire is ignited again. Accelerant : gasoline (if there is no damage to the body then they used an accelerant). Calcined : falling flame (white and chalky). Charred : black and crispy. Sex determined by looking at: males will have larger muscle attachment points, suraorbital ridges stick out more, 90 degree angle, mastoid (chewing) process is larger, and femur will be a 45cm or more. Female femur will not exceed 44cm and pubic notch is wider. Ancestral sorting says environment can change the skeleton. Nasal sill : more predominate in Europeans (more slight) under the nose (Afri. are wider). Prognathism : face slope (more predominate in Afri.) Nasal guttering : Europeans have no guttering and sharp edges bottom of nose. Ageing can be determined by general size of bones, presence of teeth, bone fusion. AGRICULTURE:
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