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Finance Terms You Should Know for BA 4196 Dr. Hopkins Spring 2006 Accounts Payable Current Ratio Minority Interest Accounts Receivable Debt-to-Equity Net Assets Accrual Basis Depletion Net Current Assets Depreciation Net Income Discounted Cash Flow Net Sales Amortization Dividend Net Worth Annual Report Du Pont Analysis Note Asset Coverage EBITA Off-Balance-Sheet Ex-Dividend Offering Bad Debt External Funds Operating Profit Balance Sheet Extraordinary Item Paid in Capital Benchmark Fiduciary Payout Ratio FIFO Price/Earnings Book Value FASB Profit P & L Financial Statement Profit Center Financial Structure Pro Forma Fixed Asset
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Unformatted text preview: Burn Rate Fully Depreciated Revenue Fungibility Shareholder Capital Asset GAAP Standard Cost Capital Budget Goodwill Capital Expenditure Gross Profit Transfer Price Capital Goods Gross Sales Working Capital Historical Cost Capitalize Income Statement Capital Structure Source: Barron's Intangible Asset Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms Inventory Turnover Cash Flow Chapters 7, 11, 13 Junk Bond Closely Held Liability Cost of Funds Liquid Asset Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Liquidity Long-term Debt Current Assets Majority Stockholder Current Liabilities Market Capitalization...
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