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Multicon, Inc...Robotics, Spring 2011

Multicon, Inc...Robotics, Spring 2011 - MULTICON...

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MULTICON,  INCORPORATED... ROBOTICS David W Rosenthal John E. Clark, Executive Vice-President of Multicon, Incorporated, shook his head and smiled as he walked off the second tee. His ball had hooked badly into the trees and high rough on the left side of the second hole, and his next shot would be a difficult one. "There's no doubt about it," he said, "As little as I have played, I can't just come out and put the ball in the fairway. This is only the second time I've been out this year, but I guess that I can't complain .... Business has been so hectic since the `split' that I just haven't had time to work on my game." Clark referred to the split that had removed Multicon from divisional status as part of Murphy Controls Company over a year before. "We're still completing the move to become an independent company now," said Clark eyeing his golfball and measuring the approach to the green with a harsh stare. "As a matter of fact, there are some shifts in ownership and organization that are going to take place shortly, and they will really put us in a position to move!" Falling silent, Clark hesitated momentarily, considering which club to use for his next swing. His hand paused briefly on his pitching wedge, the correct club for simply playing his ball back to the fairway, but quickly settled on his 2-iron. Undaunted by the brow of the hill over which his ball would have to rise and the trees it would have to negotiate on its way to the green some 200 yards distant, Clark slashed at the ball. This case was prepared by Prof. David W. Rosenthal of Miami University. It was presented at the Case  Research Association Meeting, 1985. Distributed by the Case Research Association. All rights reserved  to the author and the Case Research Association.  Reprinted by permission  of the author and the Case  Research Association.
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154 CASES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS POLICY "Our biggest difficulty, other than financing, of course, is a strategic issue. It is an extremely   complex situation," commented Clark as he walked toward the green. "Multicon has made a good   name   for   itself   as   a   `systems   house'   putting   together   'turn-key'   robotics   installations   for  manufacturing concerns. But we are good at both general-purpose robotics, and vision systems."  Clark's second shot had rattled into the trees to the right of the green, and he now had an almost  impossible shot just to put his ball on the green and keep it there. "The question facing us now is,  should we continue in robotics or should we specialize in vision systems?" Clark's third shot rolled  quickly down the slopping green, past the hole and off into the fringe some 25 feet away.
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