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Mktg 4596 Spring 2012 Syllabus Section 007 CRN 11119 (1)

Mktg 4596 Spring 2012 Syllabus Section 007 CRN 11119 (1) -...

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY FOX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT Mktg 4596 (Section 007) (CRN 11119) MARKETING STRATEGY PLANNING (Wednesdays…5:30 pm – 8:00 pm…Main Campus Room ALTER OA237) SYLLABUS…Spring 2012 Instructor: Robert A. (Bob) Girondi, M.B.A. Mobile phone: 610-299-6690 e-mail: [email protected] Course Objectives: The primary intent of this course is to provide participants with the opportunity to review, analyze, and discuss (verbally and in writing) current issues in marketing, particularly as they influence the development of marketing strategy. Two texts and related lecture material designed around a strategic marketing approach with an emphasis on the basics of strategic analysis, planning, and marketing plan development will form the core of this course. Emphasis will be given to active participation, discourse, case studies, and related assignments that are a part of this course. While the reading of the appropriate text material required to form the basis of case study understanding, discussion, and presentation will be the responsibility of each student , lecture will be included in the presentation of the course material to ensure key points are fully understood. A series of real-world case studies, a semester project, and a series of quizzes will also be elements of this course. While there will be no formal final examination, marketing plan team presentations are scheduled for two class sessions at the end of the course (4/18 and 4/25). The overriding goal of this course is for each participant to develop an appreciation for, and an understanding of, the principles and practical aspects of strategic marketing management and their application. Prerequisites: Marketing 2101 (formerly Marketing 0081) or 2901 (0091), Marketing 3596 (W160), Marketing 3511 (0210), and at least one other 3500 level marketing course. It is expected that students enrolled in 4596 will have a good understanding of what was covered in these prerequisite courses. 1
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Required Texts: Wood, Marian Burk. The Marketing Plan Handbook , 4th Edition (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2011). This text includes software that will be useful for the semester project. NOTE : No other edition of this text is acceptable. Hartley, Robert F. Marketing Mistakes & Successes , 11 th Edition (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2009). NOTE : No other edition of this text is acceptable. It is strongly recommended you review the basic elements and principles of marketing. Any edition of Kotler’s Principles of Marketing will suffice. Class Format: Each class session will generally follow the following format: First 15-20 minutes – any required housekeeping, university announcements, the collection of any assignments, and general discussion – during which each course participant is strongly urged to initiate and respond to comments on current general and/or business press articles dealing with marketing strategy. This period will be more meaningful to all concerned if everyone shares questions, observations, and/or problems from the marketing strategy dimensions of their own life situation and/or what they read/see/hear in the press.
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Mktg 4596 Spring 2012 Syllabus Section 007 CRN 11119 (1) -...

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