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Comm review test 1[2] - Comm review War of the Worlds o...

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Comm review - War of the Worlds o History: Orson Welles produced and broadcast a very realistic radio play originally written by HG Wells o Consisted of orchestra music, interrupted by fictional news reports of an alien invasion in New Jersey o Huge audience: approx. 6 million (estimates say that 1 in 6 people panicked) o Impact: frightening. Many people tuned in late, missed the disclaimer (at the time, 1938, radio was trusted as a breaking news source) o Realism in the broadcast o Historical context: war in Europe and bleak economic conditions, people were predisposed to feel fear. o Factors: why some people were scared Internal and external checks Internal checks- does this make sense with things I know to be true? External checks- you go outside your house to see if others are freaking out. If so, your fears are confirmed. If not, you’re likely to start being skeptical Religious beliefs: highly religious people were more likely to think it was real Education (critical ability)- highly educated were less likely to panic Unusual listening situation Expectations people had as they turned on the program If your neighbor says listen to CBS there are aliens, you’re predisposed to think its real Cantril framed the survey results as evidence of the media’s powerful effects o Findings: Selective exposure: people read materials from the candidate they already liked Selective perception: people interpreted campaign information in a
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Comm review test 1[2] - Comm review War of the Worlds o...

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