comm review test 1

comm review test 1 - Comm Review Test 1 Merchants of Cool-...

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Unformatted text preview: Comm Review Test 1 Merchants of Cool- find trendsetters, industry people explode the trend, then kills the “cool”- can’t catch it unless you’re ahead of it- problem with sprite in the 90s - over advertised, got played out- uniting a brand with a culture- sprite and hip hop are now associated- 18-24 (18- 34) years old = coveted demographic, most targeted because of disposable income on music, clothes, entertainment- this is when we become brand conscious and brand loyal- MTV studies this demographic closely because it tells them what they need within what they already have o Cultivating desires- market what they already have- Mook- gross guy, immature, interested in women and sex, self destructive behavior for humor (ex- Jackass)- Midriff- female obsessed with what people think (guys) sexual object and proud- These are media constructions- indications simplified, stereotyped- What we see shapes how we act and what we do (feedback loop- we are midriffs so we want to see them, and when we see them we want to be them)- mass- large group of people that has 2 important characteristics- heterogeneous or diverse, and anonymous to each other (no feedback to the producer)- in mass mediated communications, people have no feedback to producers. Letter to editor= like drop in the bucket- only way a mass can exist is in the context of mass mediated communications (digital media doesn’t count- comments on facebook posts are direct feedback) - power over what messages get spread is up to executives of media industry...
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comm review test 1 - Comm Review Test 1 Merchants of Cool-...

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