Why Right brainers will rule the future notes4

Why Right brainers will rule the future notes4 - Why...

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Unformatted text preview: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future STORY- stories are easier to remember because stories are HOW we remember o most of our knowledge and thinking and experiences are organized as stories- one can explain themselves and connect to others through stories- Hollywood reveres story and makes it seem like it is only to amuse or divert- Minimizing the importance of story puts you in professional peril- Today facts are ubiquitous and free o As they become so widely available, each one becomes less valuable o Need to place facts in context and deliver them with emotional impact- The essence of the aptitude of story is context enriched by emotion- Story exists where high concept and high touch intersect o It is high concept because it sharpens our understanding of one thing by showing it in the context of something else- Stories are important cognitive events - The ability to encapsulate, contextualize, and emotionalize has become very important in the conceptual age- The elusive abilities embodied by Story are valuable- High concept, high touch capacity to weave events into an emotionally compelling narrative has become essential- Successful business people need to be able to combine science, accounting and finance with STORY- Story has become a key way for individuals and entrepreneurs to distinguish their goods...
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Why Right brainers will rule the future notes4 - Why...

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