Why Right brainers will rule the future notes3

Why Right brainers will rule the future notes3 - Why...

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Unformatted text preview: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future INTRODUCING THE SIX SENSES- In the Conceptual Age, we need to complement our L-Directed reasoning by mastering 6 R-Directed aptitudes- Together, these 6 high concept and high touch senses can help to develop the WHOLE NEW MIND that this era demands o 1. Not just function but also DESIGN… no longer sufficient for a product to just be functional, but it must also be beautiful and emotionally engaging o 2. Not just an argument but also a STORY… you have to persuade, communicate through a compelling story o 3. Not just focus but also SYMPHONY… we must put the pieces together, synthesize and see the big picture, combine separate pieces into a new whole o 4. Not just logic, but also EMPATHY… in the world of lots of information and advanced tools, logic alone wont do. One must understand what makes others tick, we must form relationships, and care for others o 5. Not jus seriousness but also PLAY… there are health and professional benefits to laughter, games, and humor. Too much seriousness and sobriety can be bad for your career. We all need play. o 6. Not just accumulation but also MEANING… we need to pursue more significant desires like purpose and spiritual fulfillment- These 6 senses will guide our lives and shape our world DESIGN- Hallmark story about asking students to raise their hands if they are artists o Cautionary tale for our times...
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Why Right brainers will rule the future notes3 - Why...

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