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Enterprise Project Proposal Aflex Hose Ltd company was established more than 30 years ago as has proved its place as a primary innovator and manufacturer of PTFE hoses in the industry. (Aflex Hose Ltd, 2005). Therefore the company’s position in the UK’s market as well as in the world’s market is stable. As discussed and researched in various scientific works the stability and continuous success (Aflex Hose Ltd has just announced further site expansion and all the employees’ wages raise) should derive from the balanced organisational culture (Drucker 2010 p.595) that makes it particularly interesting to look into company’s inner content, its staff, network and culture. Furthermore having some private contacts with three company’s employees all working in different departments I have received an informal feedback and complaints on the overall company’s structure, human resource management and especially the lack of the corporate events and good communication between all the employees. These finding deepened my personal interest in finding a proof or refutation of the notion I described in previous paragraph. Being mainly concentrated on different issues and managerial specifications in the Cultural industry though the University studies, it makes the Enterprise project particularly stimulative and innovative because I am going to apply my knowledge and skills to a completely different environment- manufacturing industry where new managerial techniques may apply because of the more commercial and tangible context of the company’s product. It is worth of highlighting that after studying Aflex Hose Ltd. goals and mission’s statement it was made clear that the company’s general aims match the aims of our Project by applying entrepreneurial skills to a new context and simultaneously bringing innovation to company’s work environment; on one hand by exploring and using an analytical and
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organisational culture’s evaluative approach of ‘Competing Values Framework’ that is totally new to me, and on another hand helping the company to maintain healthy organisational culture by proposing and possibly bringing some necessary changes to its inner culture that should bring qualitative changes to its working environment resulting in high employees motivation and a will to support company’s mission; throughout this Project I will highly positively contribute to my own entrepreneurial skills and knowledge by gradually examining different entrepreneurial perspectives and ways of cumulating relevant knowledge and experience as well as applying skills developed prior to Project. The key dates for our Project are as follows (Project Proposal 2010 p. 2): 4/10- 25/10 - Initial Stage. Collection of all available information about Aflex Hose Ltd (company’s official web-site, Search Engine, well-known employees); 12/11 - Meeting with Aflex Hose Ltd. General Manager. 18/11-18/12 – Literature Review and Methodology Understanding of the Competing Values
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Enterprise_Project_Proposal - Enterprise Project Proposal...

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