Entrepreneurship and business revisio2

Entrepreneurship and business revisio2 - Key...

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Entrepreneurship and business revision Lateral and Creative Thinking: Challenge your assumptions Suspend judgement and disbelief Explore the impossible Combine random ideas Assume the opposite to what we know Thinking and Learning Preferences: People vary in their preferred thinking and learning styles Experience working with scientists, artists, economists and others reveals large differences There are also significant variations between cultures Some see the big picture but struggle with the detail Some have to be well organised to feel comfortable Some will take large risks, others are very cautious Some are comfortable with uncertainty, others need to know what is going to happen and how it all fits together Causality = Much debate and speculation on nature and causes of differences
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Unformatted text preview: Key alternatives:-Physiological / Genetic Soed Health Warning: Dangers of categorical systems Rigidity Reinforcement Potential Benefits Understanding why we learn as we do In left cerebal of brain: Rational Factual Quantitative Academic Mathematical Authoritarian Analytical Critical Realistic Logical Financial Technical In right cerebal: Spatial Risk-taking Holistic Play Strategic Simultaneous Imaginative Artistic Visual Conceptual Change-orientated Big Picture In left limbic of brain: Dominant Organised Tactical Risk-avoiding Conservative Administrative Scheduled Procedural Sequential Reliable Detailed In right limbic: Intuitive Symbolic Teaching Expressive Reaching-Out Interpersonal Sensitive Supportive Spiritual Feeling Musical...
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Entrepreneurship and business revisio2 - Key...

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