Entrepreneurship and business revisio3

Entrepreneurship and business revisio3 - No criticism is...

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Entrepreneurship and business revision Implication of strong dominance : Comfortable with adjacent quadrants Uncomfortable with opposites Reflected in communication experience Learn to accommodate Implications for Team working : Group dynamics Level of debate Problem solving effectiveness Whole brain approach Implications for the Creative Problem Solving Process : Different mindsets require different thinking / attitude / behavioural styles A structured way to enable unstructured thinking The Explorer Mindset Trend watching / Futuring Media Web Working environment The Detective Mindset Identify the root cause Questions – Who, What, Where, When, Why? Surveys Introspection The Artist mindset Brainstorming Generate as many solutions as possible Wild ideas are welcome ‘Hitchhiking’ is encouraged
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Unformatted text preview: No criticism is allowed The Engineer Mindset Purpose, Quality and Better Ideas Make wild ideas more practical Synthesise / combine ideas Stay positive – avoid judgement Pugh Method : Generate list of evaluation criteria Select datum – best product or one idea Concepts specified Concepts evaluated against the datum ‘Best’ concept is new datum New or refined concepts evaluated against new datum Process continues to identify single best solution How to Evaluate : Studies agree upon need to evaluate Debate regarding how best to do this Quantitative modelling based upon past performance vs qualitative value judgements Agreement that cannot predict success but can pre-empt failures...
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Entrepreneurship and business revisio3 - No criticism is...

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