Entrepreneurship and business revisio4

Entrepreneurship and business revisio4 - • Distribution...

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Entrepreneurship and business revision Societal Impact : What is the effect upon people’s welfare? Does it meet current laws/ regulations? What are the safety implications of using or abusing this innovation? What will be the impact upon the environment of this innovation in use or when obsolete? Debate Surrounding Use by Drivers Safety Implications Effect of radiation from Use of phones Situation of base stations and masts. Environmental Impact Disposal of Handsets Market Attractiveness: What are the size and dynamics of the potential market? How does it compare with the competition? Are there any barriers to acceptance? Can it be made and will it work? Will it make money!!! Barriers to Acceptance Considerable learning from users Compatibility with existing software Can it be made and will it work? Necessary Experience: Marketing – mass vs niche Technology – develop and manufacture Finances – equity and cash flow Management – partners and employees Production – quality vs price vs volume
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Unformatted text preview: • Distribution – volume vs spet Experience factors: Financial Experience Must occupy international market to compete in the long term, need capital for plant and equipment and modest financial experience to run. Management/ Production Experience Few staff and simple management structure. However need to maintain relationships with bottlers and distributors. PREPARATION: OBJECTIVE: What do you want to achieve, and why? AUDIENCE: Who is the target of your message? STRATEGY: How can you get what you want? Message content: Hook How can you get the audience’s attention? Subject Are you providing all necessary details? close Are you asking for a specific action or reaction? Traits of a Four-Quadrant Message: Clarity: Concise facts for Quadrant A. Action plan: Well-organized implementation for Quadrant B. Imagery: Creative word pictures for Quadrant D. Emotional appeal: Building relationships, sharing emotions and personal stories for Quadrant C....
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Entrepreneurship and business revisio4 - • Distribution...

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