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harley project - 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive summary...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive summary 2. The company 2.1. History 2.2. The team 3. The market 3.1. The growth of theme bars 3.2. The rejuvenation of Harley-Davidson 3.3. Competition 3.4. The customers 3.5. Size of market 3.6. SWOT analysis 4. The product/service 4.1. Product/Service sourcing and delivery 4.2. Potential developments 5. Sales/promotion 5.1. Prices 5.2. Promotion 6. Finances 6.1. Key drivers of revenue 6.2. Investment plan 6.3. Figures Appendices References 2 1. Executive summary The Dark Custom Caf (DCC) is a Harley-Davidson theme bar coupled with a motorcycles rental business. It represents an alternative between the underworld of core Harley riders and the official dealerships for youngsters keen to experience what live to ride means. DCCs initial investment of 580,000 is required to develop the concept in Paris and prove the business model is profitable before franchising branches in other major European cities. DCC is looking for an angel investor willing to invest 200,000 for a 20 % share. 2. The company The Dark Custom Caf (DCC) is an S.A.R.L. (limited company) whose general manager is Alison Grn. DCCs mission is to provide its customers with a place to experience the Harley culture and/or try different motorcycles. The caf w ill be located in Paris 12 th arrondissement, a very popular area to go out for Parisians, young people and tourists. DCCs unique selling point is its hybrid business model providing customers with the opportunity to come across both the Harley culture and the bikes; the rentals being an extra service in line with the bar theme. 2.1. History There was a bikers bar named La Taverne in Paris 12 in the 1980s- 90s that was owned by a friend of Alisons father. It was very popular and the central meeting p oint of numerous bikers. Since the closure of La Taverne, there is no bikers bar as such in Paris anymore despite an absolute record of motorcycles sales in 2007 and the 15.4% increase of Harley-Davidson French market share (actumoto.com). Alison has created a young H-D riders online community whose membership has increased from 1 to 25 members in 6 months with no promotion at all. What she noticed in general is that a number of people under 35 years old are interested in Harley but do not have any easy access to the brand/culture and in particular young riders lack places to meet and share their riding passion. Hence Alisons idea to re-open the bikers bar but position it as a theme bar targeted at a younger and wider market of bikes enthusiasts and owners. The building and sponsors have been found but Alison and her team still lack 200,000 to buy the bar licence....
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harley project - 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive summary...

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