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mgt 2331 outline - 1 Helping a former employer solve a...

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1) Helping a former employer solve a workplace challenge—apathy, lack of motivation Question: How to keep employees motivated and productive through strong leadership? O PENING o Prompt: Employees are apathetic and often complain about having to work. o Purpose: Explain to employers how to keep their teams motivated and productive. o Point: A strong, encouraging leader that makes employees feel as though they work with them, not for them, is the most effective. o Preview: Address the importance of: Education Experience Vision Courage Cooperation Fun Using the knowledge of restaurant and service industry leaders Paul Avery, Regynald Washington, Wolfgang Puck, and Lloyd Hill. M IDDLE o Education A solid education makes leaders credible. Paul Avery o Associate Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Middlesex County College in New Jersey o Bachelor of Science at Kean University Regynald Washington o Owes it all to a solid education Something that nobody can ever take away from you o Bachelor of Science in International Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Florida International University o Certificated Foodservice Management Professional through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation o Certified Food and Beverage Executive through Educational Institute of the AH&LA. Wolfgang Puck o Apprenticeship in Austria at 14 o At 17 went to France for opportunities o Classically trained in master kitchens of 3 star French restaurants by age 24
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Lloyd Hill o Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Rockhurst University in Kansas City Degrees in subject = expertise No number of degrees will compensate for inability to apply knowledge to daily occurrences and issues o Experience A variety of work experience is trustworthy and makes leaders respectable.
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