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Economic Naturalist

Economic Naturalist - Q Why are cars able to have power...

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Q: Why are cars able to have power locks and windows with almost no additional cost to the consumer than the cost of manual locks and windows in the mid-1900’s? A: During the production of cars until the mid 90’s, door locks and windows that came standard in a car were manual. To unlock the doors, you needed a key and to roll down the windows, you needed to crank an arm. The people who had cars with power locks or windows were considered to be in the upper-class who could afford the “luxury” items in cars. The technology to install and power the locks and windows was new and therefore expensive to make and install, which caused the item to be classified as a luxury. So if power locks and windows were so costly and luxurious before, why do cars today come standard with power locks and doors at minimal cost to the consumer? The answer to this phenomenon lies in the fact that the world has become much more technologically advanced, causing production methods to become more streamlined. Previously, parts for power locks and windows were hand-crafted by workers on assembly lines. Then,
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