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Unformatted text preview: "CubanMissileCrisis" by Scott Bezek, Sarah Krell, Yuxin Xie [NOTE: MUST INSTALL FOOTNOTES EXTENSION FOR THIS TO COMPILE] [http://www.inform-] Include Footnotes by Stephen Granade. Footnotes are on. Footnotes are given repeatedly. nothingness is a room. [This is where we will put items that are no longer needed] [Let's make things easier on us by defining some synonyms] To say i: say italic type. To say b: say bold type. To say r: say roman type. To say br: say line break. To say p: say paragraph break. The player is in the Oval Office. The Oval Office is a room. "A calendar hangs on the wall. A door to the east leads to the conference room. Another door to the south leads to the rest of the white house". understand "office" as oval office. The rest of the white house is a room. printed name is "The rest of the White House". the conference_room_door is scenery. it is east of the office and west of the conference room. the conference_room_door is a door. ["A plain looking door to the [if player is in office]east[otherwise]west[end if] leads to the [if player is in office]conference room[otherwise]Oval Office[end if]". ] The description of the conference_room_door is "A large, plain looking door. A metal plate reads 'Conference Room'.". the conference_room_door is locked. the printed name is "conference room door". understand "east door" or "conference room door" as conference_room_door. Before going through a closed unlocked door (called the blocking door): say "(first opening [the blocking door])[line break]"; silently try opening the blocking door; if the blocking door is closed, stop the action. the calendar is scenery in the office. The description is "October 16, 1962: ExComm meeting today.". a thing can be usable. things are usually not usable. the intercom is a device. the description is "An intercom sits on the desk. [if usable]A light on it blinks, suggesting an incoming call.[end if]". the intercom is on the desk. the intercom is fixed in place. The intercom is not usable. Instead of switching on the intercom when not usable, say "You switch on the intercom. Hearing nothing you turn it back off.". the television is a device in the office. the television is fixed in place. the description is "A small television set. [if television is switched off]The screen is blank.[end if]". The television is switched off. understand "TV" or "tube" or "screen" as television. instead of switching on the television when october 22nd is not happening, say "This is no time to be watching television. Maybe if you have some free time later...". the oak door is scenery. the printed name is "large oak door (leading to the rest of the White House)". it is south of the office and north of the rest of the white house. the oak door is a door. "An oak door leads to the rest of the White House.". understand "south door" as oak door. the oak door is locked....
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MIT21W_784F09_Cuban_Missil -...

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