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[State Variables] Current status is some text that varies. The current status is "mourning a loss". Current feeling is some text that varies. The current feeling is "sad". State is a thing. The state can be neutral, hostile, friendly. the state is neutral. Current south gate is some text that varies. The current south gate is "closed". tall_grass_gate is some text that varies. The tall_grass_gate is "open". [************************************************************************ ******************] Chapter 0 - Intro When play begins: change the left hand status line to "You are [current feeling] - [current status]"; change the right hand status line to "War Novel "; say "I started working with Ralph Hoobler a couple years after High School in the summer of 1939. I was tired of just working on my parents' farm and Mr. Hoobler worked as an Electrician. He said that he could use an extra hand, and I jumped on the job offer. Mr. Hoobler taught me as we went, working jobs in our town of Manchester, OH, and then later, farther out in Adam's county. "; say paragraph break; say " I enjoyed working with Mr. Hoobler. He was a big guy with bright green eyes and a roaring laugh that shook in his throat. He often enjoyed recounting his experiences in the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI, where he served as a corporal and then later as a sargent. His stories were crazy and exciting and seemed so removed from the slow, gentle life of OHIO."; say paragraph break; say "'You know, William,' I remember Mr. Hoobler saying one day as he stood back to look at me, 'You're just about he age I was when I joined the OHIO National Gaurd. You ever think of enlisting?'"; say paragraph break; say "'I could,' I replied appeasingly, but in truth, the idea seemed absolutely terrifying. Mr. Hoobler nodded in approval and added, 'You should really consider it. The army really shapes a man right. My son Donnie will be applying this summer as soon as he graduates from High School.' I lifted my eyebrows when I heard that. No way. I never got to know Donnie that well but he didn't seem like the type who could survive military rigidity."; say "In this way I knew of Donnie periferally: from town gossip, what his father told me, and stories that circulated around our High School-- Manchester High. He became a freshman when i started my junior year and on the second week of school, pulled a prank that nearly got him kicked out. By the end of that week, nearly everyone knew his name. Donnie was witty and confident and always smiling. Everything
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seemed to be easy for him. My Senior year, Donnie became captain of the baseball team and started going out with Claire Sherman, the prettiest girl in school. I never had the guts to even say hello to Claire and couldn't catch a
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MIT21W_784F09_War_Story_IN - [State Variables Current...

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