Programming Assignment 2 - UW CSE 501

Programming Assignment 2 - UW CSE 501 - Programming...

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UW CSE 501 Syllabus Programming Assignment 0 Programming Assignment 1 Programming Assignment 2 Programming Assignment 3 Sitemap Programming Assignment 2 SSA Construction and Optimization Objective The goal of this assignment is to build Static Single Assignment (SSA) form, and perform optimizations on SSA. This assignment has the following components: Build Static Single Assignment (SSA) form. (25%) 1. Perform SSA based constant propagation. (30%) 2. Perform SSA based loop invariant code motion. (30%) 3. Translate out of SSA, generate non-SSA 3-address format code. (15%) 4. Extra Credits: Perform global common subexpression elimination. (15%) 5. Project Description You will add this functionality to the optimizer and the translator you did for the first two assignments. Your compiler will call the csc compiler to compile the subset (SC) files. Your new optimizer will be able to take the 3-address code as input, build static single assignment (SSA) 3-address SSA code, output 3-address SSA code, perform optimizations on it, come out of SSA, and generate optimized 3-address code (non-SSA). Preliminaries Your compiler should accept 3-address code as input from stdin, and write output to stdout. Your compiler backends should generate the following output: CFG from HW1 1.
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Programming Assignment 2 - UW CSE 501 - Programming...

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