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Reported alcohol use and perception of use

Reported alcohol use and perception of use - (29 87 of...

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Reported alcohol use and perception of use… 1 in 3 college students increase their alcohol use throughout their college careers. It is believed that heavy consumption of alcohol from minors is due to the “reactance theory.” (this info Is based on young teens from this article … could be used for background information as to why so many young people obtain fake ids to continue drinking etc. ) Before obtaining fake ids many teens obtain alcohol from adults (33%) and older kids/friends
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Unformatted text preview: (29%) 87% of young teens believe drinking alcohol at their age is “never ok” (middle school). This percentage drastically changes in high school. The main reasons kids start to drink alcohol is “other kids are doing it” 14.9%. “They just want to see what its like” 16.8%. “They think it will make them cool” 17.1% Boys have a 80% increased chance of consuming alcohol than girls. (High school)...
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