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Underage college students drinking behavior - altering...

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Underage college students drinking behavior … College students consume alcohol at the 5-drink level (binge drinking) more often than age-matched peers who do not attend college. 49.5% of underage students with fake id’s binge drink. The proportion of underage students who drink has receded, the rate of binge drinking has remained constant. “the consequences of being caught using a false ID may not be a significant deterrent to using one. Students may regard “getting caught” as the undesired event and expend their energy on avoiding apprehension rather than on
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Unformatted text preview: altering their drinking behavior.” Percentage of underage students attending fraternity and sorority parties has declined thus resulting in more fake id’s to be used to obtain alcohol at off campus functions/establishments. Counties and campuses with stricter consequences of getting caught with a fake id on average have 16% less underage drinkers and 6% less binge drinkers. 55.8% of underage students claim they drink “to get drunk” Students living on campus are less subject to fake ids and underage drinking as to those who live off campus....
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