let me pass - Prosimian Characteristics more primitive than...

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Prosimian Characteristics more primitive than monkeys and apes.Types of Prosimians lorises, tarsiers, and lemurs, Old World New world monkey charachteristics - Four or more premolar teeth than Old World Monkeys. Different dental formulae (2-1-3-3). Many have prehensile tails Old world monkey characteristics - Biochemically and physically more similar to humans than New World Monkeys. Same number of teeth as apes and humans (2-1-2-3). Inhabit a wide range of habitats. Spend more time on the ground Hominoid characteristics - No tails. Most are larger than monkeys. Larger, more complex brains than monkeys. Same dental formulae as Old World Monkeys, but lower molars tend to have five cusps in hominoids. Can raise their arms above their heads with little trouble. Larger and stronger collarbone, flexible shoulder joints, shoulder blades located more to the back. . Most have longer front limbs than back limbs, although modern humans are an exception. Classification of hominids - Methods of Analysis (e.g., morphological, biochemical) . Models of Relationship between great apes and humans . Humans and African apes more closely related to each other than to orangutans. Chimps and bonobos more closely related to humans than to gorillas. Bonobo -Physical Characteristics: same genus as Chimps, different species Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee) / Pan paniscus (bonobo); longer legs than chimps; narrower chest, too; higher forehead and triangular face; knuckle walkers; bonobos walk upright more easily than other apes; sexual dimorphism: adult males 95 lbs. / adult females 73 lbs.;
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let me pass - Prosimian Characteristics more primitive than...

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