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Extra information. The Situation: The problem is there are practically no recreational facilities that exist on the Oconee campus. Solution 1: Field is displayed here with the dimensions of a football field showing that one could easily be constructed. The existing grade of the hill could be utilized for stadium seating/stands. The field could be used for many activities other than sports such as “The Weeks of Welcome” at the start of the fall semester and clubs could utilize this space as well. Solution 2: Advertising through the various bulletin boards and GSC email. The student body is widely unaware of the basketball courts on campus. The Volleyball court needs upkeep and awareness brought to it as well. Letting students know about these recreational spots through Soar and clubs. Solution 3: Neighboring land is owned by KBB llc. And UGA. The land owned by UGA could be a joint investment by both GSC and UGA to give the option of intramural clubs to compete with one another and strengthen the ties between
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Unformatted text preview: both schools. • Purchasing of more land could multiple uses along with recreational intentions. Pros/ Cons • We already own the red field. • Advertising for the existing facilities is cheap. • Clubs could manage the events taken place on fields. • These facilities could unite the student body here at GSC. • Additional expenses for school to construct and buy land. • Help attract more students to applying to GSC with the addition of services it supplies. Smart • Simple – Yes. Grading a field level, advertising existing facilities, and purchasing extra land to build upon are not too formidable. • Measurable – Yes, once completed the recreational field will be ready for use. • Accountable – Schools advancement services division. • Realistic – The solutions stated above are all completely possible and some are inexpensive. • Timely – The creation of the recreational field could be accomplished within one summer and be ready to use by fall 2012....
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