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IV Discussion The experiment on the goldfish was conceived to show the relationship of water temperature on the cellular respiration of ectotherms. The results have shown that with incremental lowering of water temperature the bpm lowered simultaneously. These results support our hypothesis: A lowering in water temperature will cause a lowering in the amount of breaths taken by fish. The experiment was replicated seven times to ensure consistency was achieved among the fish’s reaction. The control group was subject to the same procedure without the addition of ice. It showed that with change to environment but not change in temperature the fish’s bpm varied little. The decrease in temperature showed a correlation with a decrease in bpm which is a result of the cellular respiratory system operating slower. The respiratory system would slow due
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Unformatted text preview: to a decrease in metabolism and other bodily functions. The experiment was taken with many precautionary steps to avoid inconsistent or unreliable data results. The variable of experimenting solely on goldfish from the same tank can falsify the results. The possibility that this particular species of goldfish lower bpm with the decrease of temperature while other fish species do not lower bpm with the decrease of temperature. A recreation of this experiment would benefit from using different species of fish to confirm that bpm is lowered with decreased temperature in all fish. V Literature Cited Hamilton, John. Symbiosis. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2010. Print....
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