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Comm #2 - Jeff Mabry Comm 1100 Feb-02-2011 Ethical Dilemma...

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Jeff Mabry Comm. 1100 Feb-02-2011 Ethical Dilemma A single mother with one child desperately needs a job to support her family. The family is on welfare yet needs more money to sustain. The mother asks for a job at my business that will provide for her and her child. Because she was a previous employee and I knew I could count on her as a reliable and hard worker. The mother then claims that with this job however she will not be eligible for welfare and not making enough to sustain her family. She insists that I pay her under the table so she can still collect welfare and her paychecks will be larger due to not claiming taxes. I know this is illegal and could jeopardize my personal business though tax evasion. My small business is the only income I have for my family as well and if I lost that my family’s financial security would be lost. I would offer her the job; however I would not pay her under the table. I would also give her the lots of opportunities for overtime when possible. She desperately needs more income for
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