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Personal research contract. Rsrch - What makes the...

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Personal Research Proposal Name: Jeff Mabry Topic: The Effects of Stress on the Human Body Topic Exploration I reviewed notes from a psychology class and browsed the internet to obtain a better understanding of what stress actually is and how it plays a significant role in our lives. I chose this topic because of certain changes within my life that have affected me in ways unaccustomed to beforehand. As a psychology major I have great interest in subjects of this nature and would like to research it for future uses and personal uses. What I Want to Research What I Know What I Don't Know What I What to Answer in My Research Stress is caused by stressors. Stress is an everyday experience. Stress can be good and bad. It leads to other implications regarding health. Stress is correlated with personality. Long term effects of stress. Specific affects on body and mind. Common causes of stress Coping with stress.
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Unformatted text preview: What makes the difference between good and bad stress. Common causes of stress What are the effects of stress on body and mind Project Description Compose a website designed to help inform people going through stressful periods in their lives of what is possibly creating the excess stress and how it will affect them. Not a self help guide, simply an informative website to let the reader obtain a stronger grasp on stress causes and effects. Contract To be completed at project conference: I have read and understood the expectations of this assignment. I agree to search for the answers to the research questions I have posed in my research proposal and to the best of my abilities express the answers I find in the project format described in my proposal. _______________________________ _______________________________ Student Signature Instructor Signature...
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Personal research contract. Rsrch - What makes the...

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