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chaos - twist and ape Flood fire and demon”(780 these...

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Jeff Mabry 02-23-2010 Poetry Essay: I Will Put Chaos into Fourteen Lines Chaos is symbolizing a man and Millay’s sexual relationship with this man in the past and how that relationship is changing in the present. Millay uses chaos instead of the man’s name to set the tone and characterize him, to paint him. The visuals perceived from these sinister descriptions of their relationship portray a devious woman taking control of an unfit man with loads of imagery. She uses these drastic words and phrases to show clearly how she feels. Throughout the poem Millay personifies chaos and refers to it as him or he to let the reader understand clearly that chaos is indeed a man. Millay uses dark descriptive words explaining her sex life with this man and the frustration is brings her. Within the first lines of the poem she uses vengeful adjectives and verbs to express the anguish this relationship has given her and how she is taking control. “let him
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Unformatted text preview: twist, and ape Flood, fire, and demon”(780) these lines are extremely illustrative and depict a dark scene. Within lines 6-8 she make it clear she is speaking sexually with ‘where, in pious rape, I hold his essence and amorphous shape, Till he with Order mingles and combines.”(780) After stating this Millay expresses complete control over her suitor till the end of the poem. Millay express’s a mellow tone in the second portion of the poem which is completely different from the spiteful dominating tone she uses within the introduction. “I will put Chaos into fourteen lines And keep him there” (780) Caging chaos cannot be accomplished, its within the name itself: chaos. It’s hectic, unpredictable, disruptive, and ultimately non-existent; only since chaos is a man is this feasible....
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