End Notes for Collage

End Notes for Collage - End Notes for Collage Jeff Mabry...

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End Notes for Collage Jeff Mabry The photos are in chronological order beginning with Harry’s arrival at his attic residence through the death of Hermine. They represent the significant emotional status and physical happenings of Harry Haller’s life. 1. Harry’s first impressions on the narrator of the novel are worrisome. He arrives without luggage or companions, troubled with the past, and obviously lonely. The silhouette of the man in the doorway shows how Haller arrived; a man’s that appearance shows very little of what is beneath. “The only request he had made was that his arrival should not be notified to the police.”(Hesse 6) This only adds to the mystery of Harry and what is in his past that he flees from. “Haller has been trying to escape from the throes of a severe marital and professional crisis.” (Steppenwolf Magill) 2. While reading the Treatise on the Steppenwolf, Harry is essentially reading his own soul. It’s describing how Harry is split between the intellectual and the instinctive personalities and why they combat one another. The Treatise describes why the Steppenwolf has a untamable attitude giving Harry a volatile demeanor. Looking into their eyes you see the fierce ambition of the Steppenwolf and the analyzing intellectual mind of Harry. 3.
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End Notes for Collage - End Notes for Collage Jeff Mabry...

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