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Price of Admittance your Mind Hello, I am trusting you can help me. I have always found myself a recluse, distant from others in reality and ideality. I have been divorced for some time and rarely interact with people. In truth I am a man torn between two beings, a modern Jekyll and Hyde. I do not attempt to conceal myself; I am hidden in plain sight. People see an aging man, not the savagely cruel beast right beneath my skin fighting to break free. Now nearing my fifty’ s with all of life’s burdens weighing me down containing the Steppenwolf is too much to bear. I am in desperate need of guidance. I fear my other half will consume me whole. There will be none left but the mere shell of a man that once lived. I will become a ghost, my body a vassal for the Steppenwolf to roam free. Since childhood the Steppenwolf has aided me in pursuit of intellectual prestige and has been the driving force in my life. He has helped me achieve academic and financial success by leading me away from social distractions. I
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