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Final journal entry - Journal Entry Jeff Mabry This morning...

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Journal Entry Jeff Mabry This morning I killed Hermine; there is no concealing the fact I am a Beast . She looked in wonder as I removed the knife from her chest and blood spilled from her dying body into a pool upon the floor. Those curious eyes gazed upon me as I watched my love die. Her last glimpse into this world was upon my cold distant face. Hermine’s eyes rest sealed forever with the last fleeting images of her murderer and lover: I, the Steppenwolf . Was this not what she wished? Did Hermine not want this gift from me? Thos mysterious eyes of wonder have stirred question with myself, was this an act of mounting jealousy towards my friend Pablo? Am I envious of the charming and beautiful saxophonist whom lives life escaped from the constraints that haunt my very essence? I believe there to be truth behind this, Pablo is worthy of envy surely yet this is shadowed by a darker emotion from within me. My desire to fulfill my destined course: To exist
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