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Completely answer five of the following questions. Submit your completed work via the assignments dropbox. Remember, your answers must be typed (word-processed), using a 12- point font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Don't forget to put your name in the top margin of each page. Have fun! Barry 1. Discuss hindsight bias as it relates (a) to the scientific method, and (b) to the development of self- concept. 2. Define and discuss the following terms. Support your discussion of each term with an example, where possible. a) construct validity b) correlation c) dependent variable d) independent variable e) interaction f) interrater reliability g) main effect h) subject variable i) random assignment j) random sampling 3. Discuss self-schemas, their influence on memories, and how they may lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. In your discussion, include an explanation of the self-reference effect and the effect of individualism/collectivism on these concepts. 4. Describe the relationships between self-esteem, self- concept, and self-discrepancy theory. Discuss self-serving
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social%20midterm%20discussion - Completely answer five of...

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