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Jeff Mabry 1. Discuss hindsight bias as it relates (a) to the scientific method, and (b) to the development of self-concept. In the scientific method a hypothesis is proposed and the experiment is performed. If the hypothesis is correct hindsight bias would leave you to believe that you choose that hypothesis knowing what would happen during the experiment to produce correct results. A hypothesis is a prediction and hindsight bias strengthens that initial predictions. Self concept is who we believe we are, and how we act. If an incident happens and we reflect on that occurrence wondering
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Unformatted text preview: “why did I react that way?” hindsight bias will enforce your self-schemas. You will perceive your reaction and the outcomes as a belief that “that’s just how you are”. 3. Discuss self-schemas, their influence on memories, and how they may lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. In your discussion, include an explanation of the self-reference effect and the effect of individualism/collectivism on these concepts....
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