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Biology Lab 1208 Writing Assignment 3 Name: Nick Logarbo Lab Partner: Paul Martin Lab Topic: Determining the Relative Osmotic Concentration in Plant Cells Results By using the empirical quantity of the change of mass of the potato tuber tissue the morality of the incubation solution could be determined . My null hypothesis stated that the concentration of the sucrose in the solution will have no effect on the change in mass of the potato tissue cells. My alternative hypothesis stated that the sucrose concentration of the solution will cause a change in mass of the potato tissue cell. The trends of the graph are as follows: as the molar concentration of the sucrose solution increases the change in mass of the potato tissue cell decreases. Discussion My alternative hypothesis dictated that altering the concentration of the sucrose solution in which the potato is placed will affect the rate of osmosis and will, therefore, have an effect of the percent gain/loss of potato mass. The goal of this experiment was to find the relative osmotic
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Unformatted text preview: concentration of the potato cells. The concentration values between 0M and a specific point between 0.3M and 0.4M showed positive mass changes (a gain in mass). This indicates that at these concentrations water moved from the solution into the potato, thus the potato was hypertonic to the solution. Conversely, above roughly 3.5M negative mass changes were recorded, indicating that water was moving from the cell into the solution. This shows that at these concentrations the cell was hypotonic to the solution. However to determine the osmotic concentration of the cell, we have to consider where the percent change in mass is 0. This point expresses where the amount of water entering and leaving the cell was equal, meaning the solution is Isotonic at this concentration. By Observing where the percent change equaled zero (where it crossed the x axis), we can conclude that the osmotic concentration of sucrose in a potato cell is approximately at a point between 0.3 and 0.4M...
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