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Biol 1201 SI – Test Review 4 Ch. 10 – Photosynthesis 1) What are the properties of light? What is the correlation between wavelength and energy? 2) Review the photosynthesis diagram and answer the following: a. What are the differences between PS I and PS II? b. What are the components of the different photosystems? c. How are electrons regained in PSI and PSII? d. What do cyclic and noncyclic electron flow produce? e. What photosystem does cyclic electron flow use? f. How is ATP produced from the light reactions? 3) What are the three phases of the Calvin-Benson Cycle? 4) How many G3P are needed to make 1 glucose? 5) How many CO 2 are needed to make 1 G3P? 1 glucose? 6) What is photorespiration? What is released during this process? 7) What are some types of plants that compensate for photorespiration and how? Ch. 12 – The Cell Cycle 1) Chromatin, DNA, chromosome, centromere, chromatid, genome, 2) Somatic cells vs. gametes – If a heart cell in an organism has 50 chromosomes, how many
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